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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 29, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good monday morning. coming up, tragedy in southern italy as a tour bus plunges off a highway, killing dozens. mid east breakthrough. senator john kerry brings palestinian peace negotiators back to the table. anthony weiner big campaign setback. will he drop out of the race plus, a massive jewelry heist at a ritzy hotel. one couple's trash turns out to be treasure. and details on kimye's exorbitant bed budget. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, july 29th. very good morning to you. i'm richard lui. it was a tragic weekend for bus travel. the latest incident involving a
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tour bus in southern italy. the italian tour bus plunged almost 100 feet off a major highway last night. moments before it slammed into several cars slowed by heavy traffic. at least 30 people were killed. two are in critical condition. more details on this weekend's deadly crash involving a church bus in indianapolis. it had about 40 passengers. the driver told police the vehicle's brakes failed before overtu overturning. the church's youth pastor, his pregnant wife and a congregation member were killed in that. and in arizona, strong floodwaters swept a vegas-bound tour bus 300 yards down a wash before turning it on its side. fortunately, none of the 33 passengers on board were injured. mideast peace talks resume today in washington. the last obstacle was cleared when israel agreed to release over 100 palestinian prisoners. the two sides will be at the state department hosted by secretary of state john kerry.
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nbc's tracie pottss live from washington, d.c. this morning. >> reporter: one of the big issues welcome back if israelis get into peace talks but continue building in the west bank and gaza they are essentially not showing good faith and talks won't go far. they start tonight. these aren't formal talks. they are just preliminaries. a couple of people from the israeli side, a couple palestinians sitting down together to sort of map out how they might go about negotiations. the chief negotiator for the palestinian authority will be there along with the head of the justice department for israel. four men sitting down together, trying to get this process started. you're right. it was the release of the prisoners -- more than a hundred of them -- that jump started the process.
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it was not a popular decision in israel. the cabinet approved it but it was not popular with the people. we saw protests there. we saw protests in gaza from palestinians who said they just don't think this is going to work. richard? >> we'll see what happens. talks about talks. thank you so much. several thousand supporters of morsi are marching in defiance of an army warning not to. this after an army crackdown left people dead. good morning, what's the situation? >> supporters of morsi are continuing and say they aren't going anywhere until he's reinstated. the coalition of morsi supporters are announcing a million man march for tuesday. that raises the scope for further violence. the military and the government
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are losing patience. ministry of the interior said it will do everything to break up the sit-ins across the city. overnight, presidential decree giving the prime minister effectively the authority to ask the military to arrest civilians. that could be interpreted as part of a wider crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said in a statement that this is a pivotal moment for the country and its counterpart in the european union catherine ashton is there in an attempt to find and reach national reconciliation. >> thank you. the fallout continues for anthony weiner. his campaign manager resigned as calls for him to drop out of the race grow. kristen welker has more. >> reporter: another setback for the campaign of embattled mayoral candidate anthony weiner. this weekend weiner's campaign
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manager daniel kedem resigned. he would not comment to nbc news about his decision. mr. weiner did respond and emphasized he is not dropping out of the race. >> you know, we have amazing staff. but this isn't about the people working on the campaign. it's about the people that we're working for. >> reporter: weiner's poll numbers have plummeted ever since he admitted last week that he continued sexting, a year after his resignation from congress for the same behavior. on friday, a heated confrontation with a frustrated voter. >> had i conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. >> in the privacy of your home? >> in the privacy of my home. >> reporter: there was a chorus of voices calling for weiner to get out of the race. >> it's absurd. he is not going to be the next mayor of new york. he is wasting time and space. >> and i think his behavior has been quite clinically sick, and i think we will now find out in the democratic primary if indeed the voters are sick. >> there's a real pathological problem with him.
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>> reporter: and weiner's record while serving here in congress has also become fodder for criticism. "the new york times" columnist maureen dowd wrote there's nothing in weiner's public life that is redeeming. in 12 years in congress, he managed to get only one bill passed. on "meet the press," another mayoral candidate christine quinn tried to capitalize on her opponent's latest controversy. >> he disqualified himself but not just because of this scandal, though that certainly has, he didn't have the qualifications when he was in congress. >> reporter: in the september primary, voters will have their say. kristen welker, nbc news, washington. got some heavy rain to talk about in philadelphia. it broke the city's all-time record for one-day rainfall on sunday. over seven inches of rain fell within four hours causing road closures and flooding throughout the city. a flash flood warning has been issued in areas like pennsylvania and delaware. nbc's meteorologist bill karins joins us now.
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you think we pull this out of the archives, right? we are talking about july here. >> i know. eight inches of rain in a day. the records in philadelphia go back 140 years. that's the most rain they have had in a day in 140 years. it's not just a little "broke a record" high. that's impressive. more rain than some areas in the west get for a year. let's show you the big weather story of the day. tropical storm flossie. it was looking impressive 24 hours ago. it died off last night. it's trying to come back with thunderstorms near the middle of it. it's a weak tropical storm headed through the hawaiian islands. that's an unusual situation. it's not going to do a lot of damage but should cross over the top of hawaii. winds will be 40 to 50 miles per hour. some of the higher elevations will get heavy rain and flooding concerns. that will be the worst of it. not expecting much problems with the waves bus they will be bigger than normal. nothing impressive on the radar
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yet. in the west temperatures were cooled by showers and storms in nevada and utah. some of the summer heat and impressive temperature ohs died off a little bit. many areas of the west, temperatures are where they should be in spots. that's a look at y 90s. exactly where you should be. an average, typical summer day. not many big headlines. just being done with the incredible heat gives people a break. >> a sigh of relief. we'll take it. >> the air conditioners. >> no more electricity bills. ahead, an update to the tragic wedding party boat crash. plus, shocking figures about poverty and joblessness and the worst states to be unemployed when "early today" returns.
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welcome back to "early today." stories making new this is morning. a second body has been pulled from new york's hudson river near the area where a wedding party boat crashed friday night. the bride-to-be and the best man were ejected into the water during the crash. the bride's body was found saturday. the second body is believed to be that of the best man. the boat's driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter. five people, including one child, were killed in a helicopter crash in northeastern pennsylvania saturday. the pilot reportedly called into a nearby air tower saying he was losing altitude before going off the radar. investigators were still on the scene late last night. the driver of the spanish train that derailed last week killing 79 people has been provisionally charged with multiple cases of negligent homicide. the train crashed into a concrete wall at high speeds after failing to make a sharp turn. pope francis wrapped up his week-long visit to brazil with a sunday mass on rio de janeiro's famed copacabana beach. an estimated 3 million people jammed on to the beach to get a
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glimpse of the pontiff. what a sight! and authorities says a staggering $53 million in jewels were stolen from a posh hotel in cannes, france, over the weekend. police say the brazen theft took place during noon in broad daylight. they are calling it one of europe's biggest jewelry heists in recent years. in business, all eyes on the state of the job market this week. the nasdaq seeing gains after expected earnings in the tech sector. the dow closed higher for the fifth straight week. later we get data on pending home sales for june. sales were ex expected to increase 2% last month. and we'll get results from a variety of companies including anadarko petroleum, express scripts and herbalife. that's a look at the business
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headlines. happy monday, richard. >> good monday to you. all eyes on the job market this week. the labor department released the monthly jobs report. unemployment happens on friday. the latest lundberg survey finds the average price of a gallon of gas jumped eight cents to $3.67 for regular. workers for kfc, wendy's, burger king and mcdonald's are all expected to walk off the job the one-day demonstrations will take place in seven cities to protest poor wages. and a new survey finds 4 out of 5 struggle with joblessness, poverty or reliance on welfare for at least a part of their lives. exclusive ap data finding hardship on the rise among caucasians. a new report says tennessee is the worst state to be unemployed based on unemployment statistics. rounding out the top five, louisiana, illinois, alabama and arizona. is boosting staff
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in 17 u.s. warehouses adding more than 5,000 full-time jobs the world's biggest retailer is trying to meet an uptick in demand. and finally, a massachusetts couple has won $1 million on a scratch-off ticket they dug out of the trash. the couple reportedly left it in a grocery bag that got tossed until one of them remembered it. good thing they remembered that. all your sports headlines coming up including big papi's meltdown. you're watching "early today."
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we want to start by showing you this adorable baby ready for its close-up. that 33-pound pup is china's first artificially bred sea lion. it was not shy during its debut sunday, as you can see. hopping around, showing off his flippers. everyone celebrated the pup's one-month birthday. here are sports headlines. it took 69 minutes of play before the only goal was made. it was team usa's breast cancckd landon donovan orchestrating. dodgers phenom yasiel puig.
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homer. 1-zip over the reds there. it was an old guy's night. yankees' derek jeter. hi's just back from the disabled list. first at bat, bam, it's gone. the first homer in ten months for the 39-year-old. boy, is he back. bottom of the ninth, tied at five. newly returning alfonso soriano with a single. he had four hits. the old guys are getting it done. this is the week, they are saying, according to some reports, suspensions handed down for alleged purchases of performance enhancing drugs from biogenesis in miami. alex rodriguez possibly having to sit out next season. more than a dozen players targeted. tied for the lead here. dustin johnson implodes. late when that happens. the ball catches the lip. rolls back down. double bogey. brandt snedeker for the easy win
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putt. he gets the prize. not bad for a sunday. nascar, the brick yard 400 in indianapolis. indiana native, ryan newman back home, 28 laps to go, jimmie johnson makes the pit stop. newman gets to shake his hand and the lead. the hometown checkered flag couldn't feel sweeter for him. boston's david o oh rtiz struck out. unhappy with the umpire oh. three hits on the dugout telephone. he was ejected after that. and "the wolverine" got to the top of the box office. plus, they are back, the flying sharks of "sharknado" coming to the big screen. details next when "early today" returns.
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well, welcome back. over the weekend we saw hit and miss showers and storms. many in nevada and arizona. that disturbance is more up to utah headed through the inner mountain west. nice in the northwest with a mix of sun and clouds oh. highs in the 70s and 80s. warm in the deserts. not a lot changing this week. almost like last weekend. temperatures continuing to be near average in many locations. should be a beautiful week in a few spots that were hot like sacrament. you will be cooler this week. this is perfect. lots of sunshine. lower humidity. temperatures in the mid 80s. perfect summer outdoor activity weather. >> looks like a nice summerer
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week for sacrament. in entertainment news now "the wolverine" was on point with movie goers this weekend. hugh jackman superaction flick slashed the competition at the box office. "the conjuring," "despicable me 2" turbo, "grown-ups 2" all rounded out the top five. the peacock network will air a four-hour miniseries about hillary clinton starring diane lane. >> do you see it? can you picture it? >> she can work it out. she's a great actress. >> i want to see her with the makeup on. curious. >> they are also working on "cleopatra." this will recount the highs and lows of the former secretary of state going back to 1998 to the president. the "sharknado" is expected to be in movie theaters august 2. for on night only fans can get a
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fix on a midnight showing on approximately 200 silver screens. >> i'd only go if it was 3-d. >> funny stuff. talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. in the last two months the stork has delivered a bevy of baby millionaires. kanye west and kim kardashian's north tops the list with a net worth of $140 million followed by jessica simpson, penelope cruz and javier bardem. they just dropped a cool million to furnish their home with six beds worth $175,000. sleep well, my friends. i'm richard lui. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day today on nbc.
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leading the news in "the boston globe" wide use of ankle bracelets created headaches. the monitoring devices are keeping law enforcement busy with alerts that are often nothing more than a dead battery, lost satellite contact or someone arriving home late from work oh. and in "usa today," u.s. roads, bridges are decaying. that's despite stimulus influx. a new analysis by the paper finds 38% of pavement on u.s. roads is in good condition. 1 in 10 bridges are structurally deficient. and recapping some of our top stories. 38 people were killed in italy on sunday after a tour bus plunged close to a hundred feet into a ravine below. 10 people were hospitalized with injuries two of them in critical condition. police say the driver was among
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the 37 fatalities. mideast peace talks are set to resume in washington. these are the first substantive talks between palestine and israel in nearly three years. secretary of state john kerry will be hosting the talks at the state department. and $53 million in diamonds and other jewels were stolen from the carlton intercontinental hotel in cannes, france. the theft, which police took place sunday in broad daylight, is the latest in a string of oh robberies there. people from all over the world gathered in moscow to compete in red bull's flugtag. contestants get the chance to try -- we underline try -- to get their hands at engineering a flying contraption. they don't fly far, bill. i know you're not a fan of the competition. >> if the crashes were better. that one's okay. that was interesting. >> the big head falling over. they're judged on creativity and
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artistry. the competition started ten years ago and is held in over a hundred cities. you get silly people trying to make things fly. i like things that try to fly. >> not just for people to hang out, party. >> well, that kind of happens, i hear. kind of. >> sure. >> i would just watch all of the competitors and move forward as you would. >> go home and watch it. >> also today, a hearing in the jerry sandusky penn state scandal. it will determine if three former penn state officials must face trial in charges they covered up allegations against sandusky. president obama and the world series champions today. for the second time in three years the president will honor the san francisco giants for their victory. and happy birthday to country singer martina mcbride, 47 years old. "the runway's" tim gunn turns 60. and documentary filmmaker ken burns also turns 60 today. keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm richard lui on a monday for you. thanks for watching "early today." you have a very good day.
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new rules in effect at sfo as a direct result of the asiana airlines crash. the unprecedented move the airport is making this morning. also we have new video overnight of riots at a surfing event in southern california. we'll let you know what we learn from police. just one week left until another possible b.a.r.t. strike. negotiations at a standstill. let's take it outside live from the south bay. that's a look before the sunrises in san jose. get ready to start the workweek. it's monday, july 29. this is "today in the bay."


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